Atlasphere dating

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Atlasphere dating

These pargaraphs caught my attention as particularly noteworthy: Tonight I find myself clarifying several of the key ideas that Ayn Rand developed that were expressed in the movie.

They hit us on multiple levels: supplying entertainment, giving intelligent food for thought, and providing inspiration and emotional fuel for facing the challenges of leading The Good Life.What, then, could be more natural than to be drawn to others who shared the same reaction to Ayn Rand's novels?Perhaps this explains why campus clubs devoted to Ayn Rand's ideas proliferate at universities around the world, and why even non-students assemble groups in their community to meet, socialize, and discuss Ayn Rand's ideas. Works of art — such as Ayn Rand's novels — can provide that fuel at times.(Cross-posted from the Atlasphere's Ayn Rand meta-blog.) Inside Higher Ed Editor Scott Jaschik kindly sent a link to his new story "Buying a Spot on the Syllabus," which is indeed very interesting.He begins: Some professors at Marshall University believe that the institution has crossed an ethical line by accepting a gift that requires that a specific book — Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged — be taught in a course.With that in mind, Robert Bidinotto's novel Hunter: A Thriller hit the spot.

I found the writing crisp, the characters interesting, and the interplay of plot and theme to be tight and compelling.And friends with whom you share significant values can also provide it.Not everyone has the luxury, however, of participating in a campus club or community group; and even if you do, you are limited to a small group of people in your own regional area.The Atlasphere was created to fill this gap: the need for a place where admirers of Ayn Rand's novels from around the world can meet easily and affordably — 365 days a year — to network, find shared interests, and perhaps, through our online dating service, even fall in love. And above all, stay true to what inspires you most. The topic of Ayn Rand's personal life, how it could have affected her philosophy, and whether her overall philosophy is truly valid, has come up regularly lately on my Facebook timeline. Many who go through a phase of identifying closely with Ayn Rand's philosophy later come to disavow the term "Objectivist." Often one factor in their decision is simply that they can't stand the moralistic-antagonistic antics of those in the orthodox branch of the Objectivist movement, even though they still agree with the basics of Rand's philosophy.I enjoyed this interview with Michael Strong on Socratic Practice in education.

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