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This is a really good way to get some free minutes on a chatline however there are many other ways to do this without having to wait a few months.

If you’ve called a chatline before, you’ve probably already noticed that all the phone chat companies — including Livelinks, Quest Chat, Fonochat, and Red Hot — keep a record of your phone number in their database to prevent you from making new accounts with them under the same number to achieve extra free minutes.

As long as the number is different from the one you have already used you will be fine as it won’t flag up on their database.

You can use this trick over and over again, basically having unlimited free minutes with the chatline.

Another way to gain free chatline minutes is to make use of different apps available to you such as burner app.

These apps provide you with a disposable phone number which you can use to call the chatlines and then simply dispose of when you’re done.

If google voice isn’t for you then you can easily reach out to some paid services such as Evoice, Grasshopper or Ring Central who are free to try.

There are also many other VOIP services out there where you can easily gain access to an additional number for dirt cheap prices.All can be found on the internet with a simple google search.All of these methods are easy ways to get free minutes on chatlines, however you can first of all use your same number on all the different chatline services first before proceeding to these methods.Usually it will be stored for no longer than 6 months and some companies only actually keep phone numbers in their records for about 2 months.After this period is up your number is free to be used again and you can sign up once again receiving their free minutes offer.In case you can’t get access to anyone else’s phone, you can add a secondary phone line to your mobile device.