Dating cartridge headstamps

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This is a vastly under rated book which is extremely useful with concise and readable historical background as well as technical details for all of the arms falling under the title, starting with the Werder and earliest Mauser rifles and ending with the FG-42, Schmeisser and other late WW2 weapons.Published by Shiffer, this deserves a place in every arms collector or historian’s library.

This covers ALL the Mausers, wherever and whenever made, not just those made in Germany.

This is the definitive study of the K98k with extremely detailed tables and photos to sort out all the details by maker and date. The book also includes definitive marking identification information for all relevant sniping mounts, optical sights, and sniping rifles.

A chapter presents interviews with WWII Germany's top three master snipers.

Well illustrated to point out model differences, and absolutely indispensable for any gun collector.

We stock this book because you need it and will benefit tremendously and enjoy your collection a lot more because of it.

This make it an invaluable reference work, as well as filling the niche for historical information. .00 (View Picture) 7969 JAPANESE MILITARY AND CIVIL SWORDS & DIRKS- Richard Fuller & Ron Gregory - Hard cover, 288 pages about 8” x 10” published in 1996.

Highly regarded as one of the best works on the subject, this is out of print and in high demand with prices ranging from 9 to over 0 on the handful of copies I could locate.

I should probably keep this for my personal library, but would rather see someone get it who is serious about collecting in that field, so It is priced well below market.

Condition is overall about excellent with nice dustjacket.

.00 (View Picture) 19439 THE GERMAN ASSAULT RIFLE, 1935-1945 by Peter Senich - Hardcover 311 pages 9” x 11.25” with many photos.

This is a good overview of the broad field of German Assault Rifles (“Sturmgewehr”) including the development of the concept, the experiments with intermediate cartridges culminating in the 7.92 x33m Kurz cartridge, and of course all the varied weapons, including their accessories.

Priced to sell at 0.00 (View Picture) 22383 BACKBONE OF THE WEHRMACHT: GERMAN K98k RIFLE 1934-1945 by Richard D.

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