Who is erica on love and hip hop dating

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Who is erica on love and hip hop dating - parksville seniors dating

The show is still being filmed as we speak so we may get a chance to see the effects of her rumor spreading. They were friends for years since the two of them worked at Bad Boy Records.He managed a few artist, and she handled paperwork in the Bad Boy building.

Cyn used to dance at the Houston strip club Dreams and now she’s only dancing for Erica.

The two tried to HIDE the fact that they were there together, but the paparazzi managed to sneak a pic.

Erica, who was engaged to BOW WOW until their union ended last year (and not in a good way), has been open and candid about her bisexuality in the past.

Erica claimed that while she films Love and Hip Hop her mother is raising her son in the Bronx.

But it’s Erica’s next door neighbor who has been babysitting.

The granddaddy of Love & Hip Hop love triangles, Stevie J kept a situationship with Joseline going while still committed to Mimi, causing several fights between the three of them until Stevie officially chose Joseline towards the end of Season 2.

is custom-made for drama, and fans simply can’t get enough!As Erica explained in her tell-all book her mom was given a job by her father’s nephew who asked Erica’s mom to drop off a package and the package happened to be several ounces of cocaine and Erica’s mom was caught.While her mom finished, her sentence Erica was raised by her grandmother in the Bronx.He felt insulted that she embarrassed him in public as if she controlled him.Her friend lore’l agreed with Rich and told her to cool down.Erica urged Rich to take her home after she felt insulted that men tried to approach her in the club.

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    A famous quote from Arn Anderson to Barry Windham, "Ya know something BW, when I took a look at this dump, it ain't the Helmsley college, pal! " In 1991, Windham continued teaming with Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious.

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    It’s no secret that stars love swanky soirees and last night (October 1) the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosted the Hollywood Costume Opening Party in Los Angeles.